What reasons did Duffy have to wrongfully name Mr. David Mulcahy?

In 1985 Mr. David Mulcahy gave a sworn police statement in respect of the charge of rape against Duffy´s wife that Duffy was being held on.

This involved Mr. David Mulcahy stating that Duffy had approached him in the hopes of obtaining a false alibi for the time of the attack upon his own wife. Also in this statement Mr. David Mulcahy confirmed the ownership of weapons by Duffy that were used during the rape of Duffy's wife.

The statement of Mr. David Mulcahy resulted in the successful arrest of Duffy for his own wife's rape. Subsequently Duffy's blood was cross-referenced to various sexually motivated, unsolved crimes.

Ultimately, Duffy's blood was matched to the murder of Maartje Tamboezer.

So in effect, Mr. David Mulcahy helped lead the police to Duffy in respect of the cases that Duffy was later to accuse Mr. David Mulcahy of.

Of course, due to Mr. David Mulcahy´s statement that led to Duffy's initial arrest, Duffy now had every reason to want