First of all we would like to respectfully apologise to the victims, their relatives and friends that we need to make information about all these horrible crimes available again. We feel a responsibility to our dear friend Mr. David Mulcahy and his family, as well as to the victims and their relatives, to find out the truth about this issue and release it to those who deserve to know. An individual, the man who was actually involved in the murders and rapes together with Duffy, is still enjoying living in freedom. We now want to work on the historical aspects, which have brought our friend into a relationship with these crimes. We honestly believe that you will support us in this investigation.


John Duffy was convicted in 1986 for a series of rapes and murders and assault on his ex-wife and her boyfriend.

Duffy and Mr. David Mulcahy went to school together.

Mr. David Mulcahy gave a statement to the police that resulted in Duffy being questioned for the rapes and murders that Duffy would later be sentenced for.

Duffy´s defence during questioning, and later at trial, would be that he was suffering from hysterical amnesia (proven to be false) for the entire offending period. More details about this lie, like reports of his psychologists, questioning of officers and so on are available at the end of this website at the download area.

After making a deal with the police, Duffy wrongfully gave evidence against Mr. David Mulcahy. Extracts of the deal, like the payment of £ 20,000.00 into Duffy´s bank account, you will also find in the attached Synopsis.

The only evidence against Mr. David Mulcahy was the statement of a murderer and rapist.

"There is no scientific evidence either to support or refute the allegation that Mr. Mulcahy was involved in these cases"

(taken from forensic science service report dated 25/03/1999)