Case 9

9. Mxxx - Rape 03/03/85

After the rape the victim´s description of Duffy´s accomplice differs to Mr. David Mulcahy as she claims this person to be of a slim build, where at this time of his life Mr. David Mulcahy was of an average build.

Forensic swabs were also taken from the victim and the victim´s trousers.

In each case matches were made to Duffy but none were attributed to Mr. David Mulcahy.

A condom and tissues were also seized at the scene, but were not tested until 2000 by E. Harris of the Forensic Science Service. No semen was found, according to prosecution and so these items were destroyed.

As can be seen, no forensic evidence at all is offered to link Mr. David Mulcahy to this crime.

The only evidence is the extremely doubtful statement of Duffy.

Mr. David Mulcahy attended an I.D. parade. He was not selected by the victim.