Case 8

8. Fxxx - Assault, conspiracy to rape 02/03/85

In Duffy´s account of his attack he and whoever aided him in his attacks did not spot Fxxx until she exited from an all night garage.

This differs from Fxxx´s account where she states that she became aware of her attackers when first walking to the all night garage. She states that they attracted her attention, as they seemed to hurry to a building site in what can only be described as a "hurried pursuit".

Mr. Mulcahy attended an I.D. parade in relation to this attack and Fxxx failed to select him as one of her attackers.

She also claims that if Mr. David Mulcahy were the second attacker he would have a prominent freckle midway in his left jaw line. This is a facial feature Mr. David Mulcahy does not possess.

Forensic swabs were taken from the victim and her trousers. In each case matches were made to Duffy but none were attributed to Mr. David Mulcahy.

And again the only evidence offered is the extremely doubtful statement of Duffy.