Case 6

6. Mxxx - Rape 26/01/85

Miss M. was attacked and raped by two attackers. When the victim´s statement was taken the other day she was able to describe her attacker´s and their clothing in reasonable detail. Furthermore she was able to give a reasonable accurate estimation of the height of the two attacker´s. The victim claims Duffy´s accomplice is shorter than him. Mr. David Mulcahy is with 5ft 11 inches much taller than Duffy with 5 ft and 4 inches.

Forensic swabs were taken from the victim. Also tests were made on the victim´s pants and from a swab of semen mixed with blood taken from concrete at the crime scene.

Forensics failed to link Mr. David Mulcahy to this crime.

Once again all exhibits were destroyed under police authorisation. This effectively removed all possibilities of Mr. David Mulcahy and his defence team having the samples tested to prove his innocence.