Case 3

3. Cxxx (Rape) 03/06/84

In Duffy´s statement he claims that upon seeing Cxxx in the station waiting room, they (him and his co-assailant) entered and immediately accosted Cxxx by grabbing her from behind.

This differs considerably from Cxxx´s own statement as she claims her two attackers first enquired "Does this train go to Richmond?" She also states that, although unsure which of her attackers spoke, he had a deep voice with a northern accent, something neither Duffy nor Mr. David Mulcahy have.

So, who is the real co-assailant of Duffy?

A substantial amount of evidence in the form of clothing was found at the crime scene and upon the victim. No evidence from DNA testing links Mr. David Mulcahy to this crime. Links using DNA testing DO associate Duffy to this crime.

Also 2 pubic hairs, which contained their roots, were recovered from a sanitary towel removed from Miss C.´s vagina during the attack. Elizabeth Harris, DNA-expert for the prosecution, never even bothered to test this vital piece of evidence and no mention of it appears in her report of the 20th December 2000.

Once more the police/prosecution allowed these vital pieces of evidence to be destroyed or sold even though the case was not completed. Why?

Mr. David Mulcahy attended an I.D. parade in 1986 for this incident and the victim did not pick him out.