Case 2

2. Txxx - Rape 20/01/84

In Duffy´s original statement he clearly claims Mr. David Mulcahy collected him from Duffy´s flat on the morning of Friday 20th 1984. He then claims he and Mr. David Mulcahy did some decorating work at Mr. David Mulcahy´s parents. Then he claims in the afternoon both went for food at a local food vendor.

When Mr. David Mulcahy was brought to court he had a provable alibi that severely contradicted Duffy´s statement claims.

On the day in question Mr. David Mulcahy was working for a company on set hours and for the council as Duffy presumed. It was clearly shown that Mr. David Mulcahy would have been at work until 4pm on the day in question.

Furthermore it was also shown that Duffy had not visited the fast food restaurant until the following day, Saturday. Faced with these glaring abnormalities to his claim, Duffy proceeded to change his claims in court to suit the new facts. Yet again he blamed these blatant lies on his supposed amnesia.

Miss Txxx went straight to the police after her attack, where oral, vaginal, anal and clothing swabs were obtained.

At no time have any of the forensic swabs linked anyone other than Duffy to this crime.

By the time Mr. David Mulcahy was brought to trial, these forensic swabs were either not available for further work or had been destroyed. Mr. David Mulcahy attended an I.D parade. Neither the victim or the witness selected Mr. David Mulcahy.

The victim also initially described the taller of the two men as to wearing a pair of "scruffy brown leather shoes tied with a couple of eyelets. The laces criss-crossed only a little bit". Then in 1999 Txxx identified a pair of shoes belonging to Mr. David Mulcahy from photos in a police evidence property book. These shoes are black leather slip on shoes.

After searching the crime scene, the police recovered a black plastic digital watch, presumed to belong one of the rapists. This vital piece of evidence never yielded fingerprints and so the police chose not to have forensic tests performed on it. By the time of Mr. David Mulcahy´s trial the police had sold the watch at auction, although it cannot have been worth more than £1,00 and had a broken strap. Duffy claimed the watch was Mr. David Mulcahy´s. No one other than Duffy has stated that Mr. David Mulcahy has ever owned a watch of this description. However, Duffy´s wife stated that Duffy had a watch matching this description, which he got free in a petrol promotion.