Case 12

12. Lxxx - Murder 18/05/86

Duffy claims this attack took place on Sunday 18/05/86. This he claims he committed with Mr. David Mulcahy.

Duffy also claims that Mr. David Mulcahy met him in his red Alfa Sud vehicle. This was impossible as the vehicle in question was stolen in late 1985. Its theft was reported but the police claim they can find no records relating to this. In the middle of 1986 Mr. David Mulcahy only owned a gold coloured Audi 80 and a blue transit van.

A week prior the attack a witness clearly recalled meeting Duffy and holding an extensive conversation with him at Brookman´s Park railway station. She clearly states Mr. David Mulcahy was not present, which contradicts Duffy´s statement that Mr. David Mulcahy was there on a "reconnaissance trip". Duffy denied this meeting totally.

On the night of Lxxx´s murder Duffy claims that they checked station doors and the ticket office. He said this was 6pm, also that there were no staff present. This was refuted as a lie as the Station Master caught the 7.59pm train home and was present until that time.

Duffy then claims that Mr. David Mulcahy had a yellow handled craft knife. This is an item Mr. David Mulcahy had never owned. However a knife of this description was found in Duffy´s tool bag in his work locker. In court Duffy denied ownership of the tool bag and the tools marked with his name, even though they were in his locker.

When Lxxx´s body was found, a quantity of hairs were found on her jumper. These have never been linked to anyone.

Forensically Mr. David Mulcahy cannot be linked to this crime.

No witness has ever been produced who can link David Mulcahy to this crime.