Case 11

11. Txxx - Murder 17/04/86

In Duffy´s court statement he claims to have been sick from work at the time of Txxx´s murder. He says though that he went to his work office to collect his wages and it was here that he met Mr. David Mulcahy and that they planned to go looking for a victim.

However in his original statement he had claimed to meet Mr. David Mulcahy at between 9-10 am at Duffy´s own home. In this statement he included a comprehensive account of the conversation he and Mr. David Mulcahy supposedly had as well as the route that they followed.

After being told by a psychologist that Mr. David Mulcahy had a "cast-iron" alibi to cover him for this period, Duffy than altered his account to meeting Mr. David Mulcahy at the works office after midday. Also a witness at the time of Mr. David Mulcahy´s trial stated that he had not left work until 1.45 - 2 pm. Thus seriously contradicting Duffy´s claim of noon.

Soil samples were taken from all 3 relating areas of the murder and compared to samples taken from Txxx´s trousers and shoes. These comparisons would have either proved or disproved Duffy´s claims to scenes of events. However, these samples miraculously disappeared before Mr. David Mulcahy´s trial and no report of the finding was available. No plausible reason was given for this by the C.P.S.

Txxx´s body was found with her hands tied behind her back. When confronted with these facts Duffy claimed the string was Mr. David Mulcahy´s. Forensic tests proved the string came from a ball found at Duffy´s mother´s home. Duffy claimed his ex-wife gave Mr. David Mulcahy this ball of string, when questioned Duffy´s ex-wife stated that this had never happened.

Forensic testing only showed one sample. This was semen and accounted to Duffy. At no time were any forensic found to link Mr. David Mulcahy to any part of Txxx´s rape or murder. As can be seen, the forensics and witnesses sightings give only one conclusion.

Mr. David Mulcahy attended an I.D parade. Not one of the several witnesses selected Mr. David Mulcahy.

Duffy committed this crime on his own.