Case 10

10. Dxxx - Rape & Murder 29/12/85

Duffy portrayed a sequence of events where both he and Mr. David Mulcahy committed this crime after dropping Mr. David Mulcahy´s children off at Mr. David Mulcahy´s in-laws home for the night. According to Duffy, both he and Mr. David Mulcahy dropped off 2 of Mr. David Mulcahy´s 3 children at Mr. David Mulcahy´s in-laws, before going off to attack Dxxx This would have been impossible as on this date one sister was in Brighton with her boyfriend and the other sister was in Stevenage. The two brothers-in-law would have been aged 20 and 22 and they would have been out socialising at a pub in Vauxhall.

At no stage were any of these family members questioned by either the prosecution or the defence in court. Also none were called to the stand during trial to dispute or confirm Duffy´s claim.

In court, the defence team introduced witnesses who strongly contradicted this version of events:

Mr. David Mulcahy´s in-laws went on statement saying that on this day at NO time did they have any of his children.

Mr. David Mulcahy´s medical records showed on this day he was substantially ill with bronchial pneumonia, a severe illness that induces shortness of breath, aches and dizziness. This was also confirmed by a GP who had seen Mr. David Mulcahy a few days prior to the attack. On the day in question Mr. David Mulcahy did not leave his house, being mainly bedridden due to his illness.

Duffy states that during his rape of Dxxx a person of negroid descent aged around 20 walked along the towpath on the opposite side of the canal. At no time was this vital witness ever located and questioned. By the time of Mr. David Mulcahy´s trial the prosecution even went so far as to claim all original notes from 1986 were either lost or destroyed, including all original notation from Duffy´s original trial. This therefore removed all chances of Mr. David Mulcahy´s defence team from arguing a fair defence.

Included in the destruction of evidence were all the vital samples of soil. All other exhibits in this case had been transferred from the central property store in Hackney Police Station just a few months after Duffy began to "confess" in 1995. Supposedly, due to an admin error, all these vital exhibits were destroyed!!

Mr. David Mulcahy attended an I.D parade. The witnesses did not pick him out.

The only available evidence that was presented at Mr. David Mulcahy´s trial in 2000 was a semen sample from one person, presented in report form.

This did not match Mr. David Mulcahy!