Case 1

1. Axxx - Rape 24/10/82

Axxx, raped on 24/10/1982 in the back garden of a house that adjoined Burton Road, London NW6.

Mr. David Mulcahy was asked to attend an I.D parade. He was not selected.

In the original forensic report compiled by Dr. Davies in 1982 in respect of this case, it was claimed the glo-test, which determines the presence of certain blood enzymes, gave no results whatsoever.

In Dr. Davies own words, "No result was obtained from the GLO-tests"

By the time Mr. David Mulcahy was brought to trial in 1999 this evidence had changed,with no reason given. At the trial, the self-same GLO-tests apparently metamorphosed so they matched Mr. David Mulcahy.

In court the CPS declared the only item that may have any forensic evidence were Axxx's knickers. They also claimed that these gave a blood match to Mr. Mulcahy. By the way of percentage of the population 31% men matched the sample.

This item was not available for cross-testing but it was still allowed to be entered as evidence.

Forensics-wise the prosecution failed to offer any evidence that could be cross-examined by Mr. Mulcahy´s defence team.

In the official police findings in relation to this area, the official declaration to these were that they were "not retained" or they were not available or disposed of.


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